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When I purchased a 1996 Lexus, it was not leaking oil. I invested in rack and pinion repair, dash warning light repair and thought it prudent to invest in preventative maintance, which Guarantee Automotive said, was done costing a total of $1,349.41

The day after I brought the car home after being "repaired" by Guarantee Automotive, I noticed a large pool of oil underneath the car. I took the car to the Lexus Dealership who washed the engine because the excessive oil around the engine, at that point, they couldn't tell where it was leaking. The dealership asked me to return the car later so they could recheck the engine for leaks.

I returned the car to the Lexus dealership and was given an estimate starting at $810.76 I showed the Lexus dealership the receipt I had received from Guaranteed Automotive to show the "work" that had been done. The Lexus dealership recommended that I take their estimate to Guarantee Automotive thinking the owner, Gerald Mitchell, would honor the work that had not been done properly. The Lexus dealership also took pictures to show where it is leaking.

I gave the owner of Guaranteed Automotive a chance to complete the job correctly but he was unwilling to do so. Evan after I showed him the estimate from Lexus!

The Lexus Service Manager tried calling the owner but Gerald Mitchell didn't return his calls?

This gives me no choice but to see the Owner, Gerald Mitchell in court. I would never take my car there again.

Review about: 1996 Lexus Es 300.



It sounds like you have had an experience with Guarantee Automotive? If so please let me know as I believe there is a pattern with his service to women.


Yes, small claims court is the place to be.

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